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Window Bars

We now manufacture security window bars from our own innovative and versatile design.

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Window Bars

Window Bars - Reveal Fit - from Armstrongs Blacksmiths and Engineers

Windows Bars adaptable to small windows

Security window bars direct from the manufacturer:

  • For internal use
  • Provides a good security deterrent
  • Telescopic design and special clamps allow easy adjustment, even in non-square window reveals!
  • Wide range of sizes available
  • Can be supplied either face-fit or reveal-fit
  • Lateral spacers included for improved security
  • Easy to install (low to moderate DIY skill needed)
  • High quality finish (RAL 9003 Signal White Gloss as standard; Other colours available upon request)
  • No maintenance required
  • Anti-tamper fixings available upon request
  • Fitting instructions included

This product is assembled on site.

Free no obligation quotations available by either phone or email

Guidance on Window Bar Specifications

We can make window bars to suit a wide variety of situations. Our innovative telescopic design allows us to pass on a cost saving to you whilst accommodating variations in window opening accuracy and still providing good security and easy installation. Although we can make almost anything, here are some guidelines on what usually works well in our experience:

  • The minimum window opening width suitable for our design is 200mm
  • The maximum opening width is normally 2000mm (allowing for flat-pack courier delivery); Larger widths available on request
  • We normally recommend a bar spacing of 100mm (centre-to-centre distance) which conforms to standard insurance specification
  • Most window bar assemblies can be assembled and fitted within one hour per window and there is normally no need to employ a tradesman, unless you prefer to use a local builder, handyman or maintenance person to do this for you.


Our window bar design is normally fitted internally in a permanent or semi-permanent manner, for cost-effective and reliable security. Windows that open outwards are therefore normally fine, but windows opening inwards may be obstructed, particularly if the bar assembly is fitted within the window reveal.

Window Bars for wider windows from Armstrongs Blacksmiths and Engineers

Window Bar Construction Details

Our window bar grilles are normally made from 22mm diameter circular hollow section steel, the fixing bars have a telescopic adjustment with 16mm diameter solid steel bars sliding within the tubes. These fixing bars are normally positioned at the left and right ends of the grille, as shown above, and are clamped in position in their tubes with a screw assembly at each end.

The bars also fit through two or more lateral spacers that are made from rectangular hollow section steel tube, also with clamping screws at each and every intersection. This allows creation of a rigid grille that has adaptability at its heart, so it is easy to gain the security you need at the price you want, and without an installation headache you can do without!

The fixing brackets are forged at the end of the round bars and are drilled to take No. 10 (5.0mm) countersunk screw fixings. These brackets can be positioned as required, with four brackets near the corners of the grille as a minimum for rigid fixing, and additional intermediate bracket fixings optional for more security and rigidity when required.

Anti-tamper fixings can be supplied so a burglar is not readily able to unscrew the fixings. Numerous types of suitable fixings are available and we can advise on the best option for your situation.

Plastic caps are provided to close the ends of the tubes (visible in black in the photos here).

Reveal Fit or Face Fit - How to Choose

Window bar reveal fit closeup

Reveal Fit (as shown to the right) means the metal brackets have a right-angle bend in them so the screws go into the horizontal or vertical surfaces that make the recess the window itself is fitted within. The grille and the fixing surfaces are perpendicular, and the fixing screws are vertical (when fitting to the top and bottom of the recess) or horizontal (when fitting to the left and right sides of the recess). The reveal (i.e. the window recess) is normally deep enough for the window bars assembly to fit entirely within it, so there is no intrusion into the room space within when a reveal fit is used. This is normally recommended where possible.

Face Fit means the metal brackets screw onto the face of the window frame or the face of the wall. The fixing screws are thus normally horizontal.

Note: If you have inward-opening windows and still need to get them partially open for ventilation purposes, you should check that the reveal is deep enough for the grille and its fixings and for the partially-open window and window handle.


Contact us with your requirements for a free no obligation quote. Non-standard applications are welcome - we have a wealth of metalworking expertise and can help in a wide range of situations!