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Metal bending and forming - Examples of our work

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Window Bars

We now manufacture security window bars from our own innovative and versatile design.

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Plant & Capacity List

This is an overview of our facilities. We frequently design and manufacture specialist items of tooling so if you don't see what you need, please contact us.

Hot Metal Cooling


Guillotine: (Elga Hydrashear)  2.5 metres x 6mm for cutting sheet steel and plate.

Sawing & Cropping

Semi automatic horizontal band sawing 400mm x 230mm
Circular Sawing for sections up to 150mm square.
Cropping machines for:
Flats, bar, rod and sections with auto-counting, and touch & cut facilities.

Bending & Forming

40 tonne horizontal pressing.
32 tonne horizontal hydraulic pressing.
30 tonne vertical hydraulic pressing.
15 tonne vertical hydraulic pressing.
Guifil Hydraulic press brake 15/35 
C.N.C. Press brake
Rotary stroke bending machine for forming straps etc. of virtually any diameter.
Computer controlled bending machine for pipe, rod and bar.
Considerable special and standard tooling for all above machines.

CNC Ring, Tube & Section Rolling

15 tonne pressure capacity.

CNC Tube & Rod Bending

Bends up to 180 degrees, 15 bend memories per programme combining compound bends.

Forming, Hot Pressing & Forging

Open Blacksmiths Hearth with clear space pneumatic forging hammer.
A wide range of traditional tools.
4 gas-fired furnaces used for heating components for forging and hot bending.
(We have special hot heading attachments for our horizontal hydraulic presses.)
Induction bar heating facilities.
50 tonne press forge used for bar straightening and bar bending.

‘U’ Bolts

A wide range of tools for producing ‘U’ Bolts etc. with threads from M5 to M24 (virtually any diameter or shape ‘U’ Bolt catered for).

Hole Drilling & Punching (50 tonne capacity)

Various machines for hole punching.  Standard punches range in 1mm increments from 3mm diameter to 30mm diameter, some oversize punches and dies up to 90mm diameter.
Various square, rectangular and slot punches and numerous special punch and die sets (literally hundreds of punches and dies in stock).

Drill Bank & Drilling Capacity

Up to 40mm diameter of wide range drills and reamers etc.


Turning 160mm (6½ in.) swing x 750mm (30 in.) bed
Vertical and horizontal milling
Surface grinding
Promecam 2.5 metre x 80 tonne
Invicta 15 inch Shaping Machine
Herbert 2D Capstan Lathe
Ward 2D Capstan Lathe
Jones and Shipman Surface Grinder with rapids
Bridgeport universal miller with rotary table, dividing head and universal indexing fixture.
In-house tool design and manufacturing facilities.

Heat Treatment

Facilities include carburising and oil bath hardening and tempering.


Landis Tangential bar and bolt threading machine.
Coventry Die Heads, innumerable dies.
Automatic tapping head up to 12mm diameter capacity.
A wide range of chasers and taps.

Defraying, Cleaning & Deburring

Rotary Brush De-fraying
Various band facing machines
Vibratory cleaning and de-burring
Sand shot and media blasting


MIG Welding 200 Amp
MMA Welding 200 Amp
Rotary Welding Head and Roller for circumferential welding
TIG Welding, both A.C. and D.C.
Resistance stud and spot welding 20 kva

Brazing & Soldering

Traditional gas and induction brazing capacity up to 5kv


1500mm (5 ft.) x 900mm (3 ft.) inspection table with a wide range of standard inspection equipment for checking linear and angular dimensions (calibration records maintained).

Traceability & Record Keeping

We have innumerable tool tins and stillages storing special tools and jigs for specialist production, together with history files on all production since 1991.